Microsoft Project




Getting started

Project management concepts

The Project window

Project files

The Help window



Creating a task list

Modifying a task list

The Work Breakdown Structure


Task scheduling

Task links

Task relationships

Task options


Resource management

The base calendar

Resources and calendars

Project costs


Views and tables

Working with views

Working with tables


Filters, groups, and sorting



Sorting tasks and resources


Finalizing the task plan

Finalizing schedules

Handling resource conflicts


Using templates and importing data

Working with templates

Creating projects from other programs


Managing a project

Setting baselines

Updating an active project

Monitoring progress


Analyzing and adjusting the plan

Analyzing the plan

Delays and conflicts

Team Planner view


Working with reports

Standard reports

Visual reports


Customizing Project

Custom views


Gantt chart formatting

Custom fields


Managing multiple projects

Consolidating and sharing projects

Sharing resources among projects


Exchanging project information



Exporting to Office applications


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