logoAdobe Photoshop




Getting started
Image copyrights
Digital images
The Photoshop environment
Getting help

Working with image selections
Selection techniques
Modifying selections

Working with layers
Creating layers
Modifying layers
Using type layers
Using layer effects

Adjusting images
Image modes
Hue and saturation adjustments
Levels adjustments

Retouching images
Repairing image defects
Removing image areas
Painting Using filters

Resizing images
Image resolution
Image canvas size

Preparing finished images
Images for Web use
Images for print use
Printing images Importing images





Fills and overlays
Filling image areas
Gradients and patterns
Layer overlays

Mask channels
Layer masks
Grayscale masks
Clipping masks and type masks

Vector paths
Creating vector paths
Editing vector paths
Vector masks
Paths for creative imagery

Creative image effects
Painting effects
Efficient compositing
Vanishing Point
Smart Filters

Automating tasks
Creating actions
Organizing actions
Batch processing
Customizing Photoshop





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