Microsoft Excel




Getting started

Spreadsheet terminology

Exploring the Excel window

Getting help

Navigating workbooks


Entering and editing data

Entering and editing text and values

Entering and editing formulas

Working with pictures

Saving and updating workbooks


Modifying a worksheet

Moving and copying data

Moving and copying formulas

Absolute and relative references

Inserting and deleting ranges, rows, and columns


Using Functions

Entering functions


Other useful functions


Formatting worksheets

Formatting text

Formatting rows and columns

Formatting numbers

Conditional formatting

Copying formats and table formats



Preparing to print

Page Setup options

Printing worksheets


Creating Charts

Chart basics

Modifying charts

Printing charts


Managing large workbooks

Viewing large worksheets

Printing large worksheets

Using multiple worksheets

Using multiple worksheets and workbooks

Using multiple workbooks

Linking worksheets with 3-D formulas

Linking/managing workbooks


Advanced formatting

Using special number formats

Using functions to format text

Working with styles and themes


Outlining and subtotals

Outlining and consolidating data

Creating subtotals


Cell and range names

Creating/ using/ managing names



Sorting and filtering data

Advanced filtering

Working with tables


Web and sharing features

Saving workbooks as Web pages

Using hyperlinks

Sharing workbooks


Advanced charting

Chart formatting options

Combination charts

Graphic elements


Documenting and auditing

Auditing features

Comments in cells and workbooks


Workgroup collaboration


Templates and settings

Application settings

Built-in templates

Creating and managing templates


PivotTables and PivotCharts

Working with PivotTables

Rearranging PivotTables

Formatting PivotTables

Using PivotCharts


Logical and statistical functions

Logical functions

Math and statistical functions


Financial and date functions

Financial functions

Date and time functions

Array formulas

Displaying and printing formulas


Lookups and data tables

Using lookup functions


Creating data tables


Advanced data management

Validating cell entries

Exploring database functions


Exporting and importing data

Exporting and importing text files

Exporting and importing XML data

Getting external data


Analytical tools

Goal Seek and Solver

The Analysis ToolPak



Macros and custom functions

Running and recording a macro

Working with VBA code

Creating functions


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