Introduction to QuickBooks

Presenting QuickBooks

Understanding Basic Accounting

Managing Basic QuickBook Files

Working with the QuickBooks Window

Backing Up Your Company File


Working with Customer Transactions

Working with the Customer Center

Understanding and Creating Service Items

Creating Invoices

Receiving Payments

Entering Sales Receipts

Making Deposits

Dealing with NSF Checks

Working with Customer Related Reports


Working with Vendor Transactions

Exploring the Vendor List

Entering Bills

Paying Bills

Writing Checks

Producing Vendor and P&L Reports


Banking with QuickBooks

Creating Bank Accounts

Transferring Funds

Managing Credit Card Transactions

Reconciling Accounts

Setting Up QuickBooks for On Line Banking

Going On Line with QuickBooks

Viewing bank Reports


Creating a Company

Planning & Creating a Company

Customizing a Company File

Editing Your QuickBooks Preferences

Opening Balances and Historical transactions

Working with Balance Sheet Report




Working with Physical Inventory

Setting Up the Item List

Dealing with Sales Tax in QuickBooks

Creating Purchase Orders

Receiving Items

Selling Items

Processing Sales Discounts

Assessing Finance Charges

Adjusting Quantity/Value On Hand

Paying Sales Tax

Managing Inventory Related Items


Using QuickBooks for Payroll

Setting Up QuickBooks to Run Payroll

Setting Up Employees

Working with the Employee List

Dealing with Payroll taxes

Creating Paychecks

Tracking and Paying Payroll Liabilities

Working with 1099s and Processing Payroll Forms


Working with Balance Sheet Accounts

Working with Other Current Assets

Transferring Funds Between Accounts

Tracking Petty Cash

Working with Fixed Assets

Setting Up a Long Term Liability

Working with Equity Accounts


Creating Estimates and Using Classes

Working with Classes

Applying Classes to Transactions

Running Class Reports

Creating an Estimate for a Job


Customizing QuickBooks

Customizing Reports and Graphs

Creating Custom Fields

Creating Custom Forms

Working with the Layout Designer Window


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