logoAdobe Flash







Getting started
Flash overview
The Flash interface
Getting help

Basic objects
New file settings
Library items
Using text
Basic shapes
Freeform drawing and editing

Using the Timeline
Timeline basics

Formatting objects
Custom colors and gradients
Soft edges

Timeline animation and interactive buttons
Frame-by-frame animation
Motion tweening
Movie clip animation
Interactive buttons

Publishing your applications






Vector illustration
Creating vector paths
Editing vector paths
Using mask layers
Using the pattern tools

Advanced animation techniques
Inverse kinematics
Shape tweens and animated masks
Filter animation
The Motion Editor

ActionScript animation
Programming principles
Event listeners and event handlers
Modular code
Special classes
The Debugger

Interactive techniques
Adding audio
Scripting a link to a Web page
Loading dynamic content

Video  Flash video basics
Video in Flash files

Managing your Flash project
Image copyrights
Project management
Application planning

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