logoMicrosoft Access



Getting started

Database concepts

Exploring the Access environment

Getting help

Databases and tables

Planning and designing databases

Exploring tables

Creating tables

Fields and records

Changing the design of a table

Finding and editing records

Organizing records

Data entry rules

Setting field properties

Working with input masks

Setting validation rules

Basic queries

Creating and using queries

Modifying query results and queries

Performing operations in queries

Using forms

Creating forms

Using Design view

Sorting and filtering records

Working with reports


Modifying and printing reports




Relational databases

Database normalization

Relating tables

Implementing referential integrity

Related tables

Lookup fields

Modifying lookup fields


Complex queries

Joining tables in queries

Calculated fields

Summarizing and grouping values

Advanced form design

Adding unbound controls

Adding Graphics

Adding calculated values

Adding combo boxes

Advanced form types

Reports and printing

Customized headers and footers

Adding calculated values




Charts in forms

Charts in reports

PivotTables and PivotCharts


Modifying PivotTables


PivotTable forms



Querying with SQL

SQL and Access

Writing SQL statements

Attaching SQL queries to controls

Advanced queries

Creating crosstab queries

Creating parameter queries

Using action queries


Creating, running, and modifying macros

Attaching macros to the events of database objects

Advanced macros

Creating macros to provide user interaction

Creating macros that require user input

Creating the AutoKeys and AutoExec macros

Creating macros for data transfer

Importing, exporting, and linking

Importing objects

Exporting objects

Interacting with XML documents

Linking Access objects

Using Hyperlink fields

Database management

Optimizing resources

Protecting databases

Setting options and properties


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