Crystal Reports




Exploring the SAP Crystal Reports 2011 Interface

Explore Crystal Reports

Use Crystal Reports Help

Customize the Report Settings


Working with Reports

Create a Report

Modify a Report

Display Specific Report Data

Work with Report Sections

Using Formulas in Reports

Create a Formula

Edit a Formula

Filter Data Using a Formula

Work with Advanced Formulas and Functions

Handle Null Values


Building Parameterized Reports

Create a Parameter Field

Use a Range Parameter in a Report

Create a Prompt


Grouping Report Data

Group Report Data

Modify a Group Report

Group Using Parameters

Create a Parameterized Top N Report


Enhancing a Report

Format a Report

Insert Objects in a Report

Suppress Report Sections

Use Report Templates


Creating a Report from Excel Data

Create a Report Based on Excel Data

Modify a Report Generated from Excel Data

Update Data in a Report Based on Excel Data


Distributing Data

Export Data

Create Mailing Labels



Creating Running Totals

Create a Running Total Field

Modify a Running Total Field

Create a Manual Running Total


Working with Cross-Tabs

Create a Cross-Tab Report

Format a Cross-Tab Report

Create Groups in Cross-Tab Reports


Adding Subreports

Insert a Subreport

Edit a Subreport

Share Variables


Creating Drill-Downs in a Report

Create a Drill-Down

Create Headings for Drill-Down Data


Using SQL Statements in Report Processing

Create a Report Using SQL Queries

Summarize Report Data

Create Joins Using SQL

Create Subqueries

Create a SQL Expression Field


Creating Complex Formulas

Work with Loops

Work with Arrays


Adding Charts to Reports

Create Charts

Create a Chart with a Drill-Down

Create a Top N Chart

Create a Cross-Tab Chart

Create Charts for Grouped Data

Format a Chart

Create a Chart Template


Enhancing Report Functionality

Organize Data Based on a Hierarchy

Create a Dynamic Image

Create a Report Alert

Create a Geographic Map


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