Microsoft Word




 Getting started

The Word window

New documents

Document navigation


Editing text

Working with text

The Undo and Redo commands

Cut, copy, and paste

Find and replace


Text formatting

Character formatting

Tab settings

Paragraph formatting

Paragraph spacing and indents



Creating tables

Working with table content

Changing the table structure


Page layout

Headers and footers

Page setup



Adding graphics and clip art

Working with graphics


Proofing, printing, and exporting

Spelling and grammar


Printing and exporting documents



Styles and outlines

Examining formatting

Working with styles

Working with outlines


Table formatting

Table design options

Table data



Creating diagrams

Working with shapes

Formatting text graphically


Advanced document formatting

Creating and formatting sections

Working with columns

Document design


Document sharing

Document properties

Tracking changes

Finalizing documents


Mail Merge

Form letters

Data sources for the recipient list

Mailing labels and envelopes



Document interactivity

Creating forms

Inserting objects and charts

Web pages


Document references

Tables of contents and captions

Indexes, bibliographies, and

foot notes


Working efficiently

Customizing the ribbon

Building Blocks

Master documents


Macros and VBA fundamentals

Simple macros

Visual Basic for Applications

Modifying and creating macros

Word objects


VBA programming

Control structures

VBA forms

Debugging and error handling


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