Microsoft Publisher



Getting Started with Microsoft Publisher

Explore the Interface

Customize the Publisher Interface

Create a Publication


Adding Content to a Publication

Add Text to a Publication

Organize Text Boxes and Picture Placeholders in a Layout

Control the Display of Content in Text Boxes

Apply Building Blocks


Formatting Text in a Publication

Format Text and Paragraphs

Apply Paragraph Styles

Apply Schemes


Editing Text in a Publication

Edit Text in a Publication

Present Content in Tables

Insert Symbols and Special Characters


Adding and Formatting Graphics in a Publication

Add Graphical Objects to a Publication

Manipulate the Appearance of Pictures


Preparing a Publication for Sharing and Printing

Save a Publication

Run Design Checker

Preview and Print a Publication

Share a Publication


Basic design options                       
Publication setup                       
Custom colors                       
Building blocks                       
The Graphics Manager pane                       

Styles and font schemes                       
Graphics in typography                       
Precise spacing control                       
Symbols and special characters                       

Long Publications                       

Mail merge and catalog merge                       
Form letters
Data sources for the recipient list                       
Catalog merge                       

Interactive forms                       
Editing Web forms                       
Modifying form properties                       

Web site publishing                       
Adding elements to a Web site                       
Finalizing and publishing a site                       

Customizing Publisher                       
Customizing the Ribbon                       
Customizing the Quick Access toolbar

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