Adobe Illustrator CS6




Introduction to Illustrator® CS6

Evaluate Graphics Scalability

Navigate, View, and Measure Graphics

Customize the User Interface


Creating Documents Containing Basic Shapes

Create Documents

Save Documents

Draw Basic Shapes


Creating Graphics Containing Customized Paths

Draw Paths

Modify Paths


Creating Graphics Containing Customized Text

Insert Text

Flow Text Along a Path

Insert Bounded Text

Thread Text

Apply Text Styles

Insert Typographical Characters


Customizing Objects

Import and Link Graphics

Alter the Appearance of Objects


Customizing Basic Shapes

Apply Strokes

Fill Shapes

Apply Gradients

Apply Graphic Styles

Distort Text with Text Envelopes


Preparing Documents for Deployment

Update Text

Wrap Text

Hyphenate Text

Optimize Content for Print

Optimize Content for the Web

Optimize Content for PDF Documents



Customizing the Illustrator Interface

Set User Interface Preferences

Work with the Grid and Guides

Manage Workspaces


Drawing Complex Illustrations

Combine Objects to Create Complex Illustrations

Work with Layers

Create a Perspective Drawing

Trace Artwork


Enhancing Artwork Using Painting Tools

Paint Objects with Fills, Strokes, and Gradients

Paint Objects Using Live Paint Groups

Paint with Custom Brushes

Add Transparency and Blending Modes

Apply Meshes to Objects

Apply Patterns


Customizing Colors and Swatches

Manage Colors

Customize Swatches

Manage Color Groups

Access Pantone Plus Color Libraries


Formatting Type

Set Character Formats

Apply Advanced Formatting Options to Type

Adjust Hyphenation


Enhancing the Appearance of Artwork

Apply Effects to an Object

Create Graphic Styles

Apply a Blend to an Object

Apply a Mask to an Object

Create Symbols

Work with Symbol Sets and Symbolism Tools


Preparing a Document for Print Output

Set Up Artwork for Printing

Prepare Transparent Artwork for Printing

Manage Colors in Printing


Preparing Graphics for the Web

Create Slices and Image Maps

Save Artwork in the SVG Format

Save Graphics for the Web


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